Introduction TIRA Material testing

The main fields of application of TIRA Material Testing can be found in the sectors

Automotive industry
Aviation and aerospace industries
Research and development
Construction material industry

Material testing is an essential part of innovative research and quality assurance in all branches of industry.

Both for research and development sectors at universities and for manufacturers, it is an important argument and tool to maintain stable competitive advantages and such image features as safety, quality, reliability, and comfort for a long time.

Quality assurance is an internal process to ensure that a manufactured product is able to come up to a specified quality level. In terms of this process, the instruments to measure the quality-relevant parameters play an important part. They compare a real classification of quality achieved to a preset parameter, thus contributing to decision-making of process capability.

The objective of material testing is to investigate the properties of materials and/or complex assemblies and to integrate them permanently into the system of manufacture. Doing so, the products are ever more frequently confronted as complex parameter with loads in the actual application, even under extreme climatic conditions, to draw conclusions with regard to service lifetime and functionality.

The Product Group TIRA Material Testing commits to the development and manufacture of plants and systems, hydraulic or servo-hydraulic drives, first of all for such applications as automotive supplier industry, aviation and aerospace industries, development of innovative materials, medical engineering, and complex packaging systems.

The product range has grown from the Louis Schopper company in Leipzig.

A huge number of testing machines and systems have been installed world-wide on the basis of more than 50-years experience.

Our premises lie in the ease of operation of systems along with an open-end evaluation feature. The test results can be transmitted to QA-systems in free definition.

All machines and systems are optimally adapted to the customer's needs.