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Control / Software

Measurement and control technology

  • Universal measurement technology
  • Modularly configurable industrial PC
  • Can be converted and upgraded subsequently
  • Wide range of sensors and encoders
  • Processing of all measurement variables in real-time
  • Reactions of the measuring system can be recognised immediately
  • Varied adaptation possible
  • Data exchange with process control systems via modern bus systems and fail-safe PLC
  • Measuring system for hard-bearing or soft-bearing balancing machines


With TIRA X9000 WIN, a measurement and evaluation software with a modular design is used. It can be extended by special software such as:

  • Concentricity measurement
  • Axial runout measurement
  • Statistics programmes
  • Axial and radial multiple drilling
  • Forbidden zones
  • Compensation of keyway
  • Data storage
  • Spindle concentricity compensation