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Vertical balancing machines with manual unbalance correction

Fan balancing machine of the company TIRA, vertical balancing machine

Universal balancing machines

Vertical balancing machines from TIRA GmbH enable precise balancing to 0.01gmm of individual parts or complete assemblies. The balancing can be carried out
can be carried out quickly and directly in the machine in a customer-specific process.

The drive concept can vary between in-house and external drive in order to achieve the best possible balance between flexibility and accuracy. The part-specific clamping system can be electric, hydraulic or pneumatic.
The in-house unbalance measuring software TIRA X9000 WIN offers in combination a conclusive overall concept, which is adapted to the respective customer requirements and interacts with customer networks if necessary.

Our in-house sales engineers will be happy to help you personally with questions, planning and project planning of your individual balancing system.

Other features

Machine size







Rotor weight(Kg)0.1 - 10.3 - 30.5 – 501 – 1010 – 100100 – 1000
Rotor high(mm)200300500400300300
Max. rotor diameter (mm)1502503004006001500
Max. balancing speed (rpm.)20002500250020001000500
Max. display sensitivity (gmm)
Drive power (kW)

Other sizes drive powers or balancing speeds can be tailored to the customers specific needs.