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Service / Support


It is an important part of our service to give strong support to our customers - already on the phone - in case of questions and problems. Please have the following data ready for the phone support:

  • Machine designation
  • Serial number
  • Order number

Our remote maintenance system provides the opportunity to access the balancing machine as quickly as possible in order to analyse and eliminate errors. Contact our service department for further information on this.


It is reassuring to know that you can rely on competent and immediate support in case of problems, isn’t it? For this reason, our service team with well-trained service technicians for worldwide service activities is available to you.

Our on-site services include among other things:

  • Professional maintenance
  • Quick repair
  • Machine inspections in accordance with various test procedures
  • Consultation and support of our customers (e. g. with regard to the introduction of new products)


Due to the fact that balancing machines are, to a certain extent, “measuring devices”, they have to be maintained and checked at regular intervals. For our customers, a maintenance contract with fixed intervals has the advantage that we plan the maintenances automatically and perform them upon consultation. Just contact our service team.


Training and support of your employees is a crucial step for an effective and successful production of rotating objects. For this reason, we provide our customers with consultation and information in a wide range of variations. Whether construction and testing support or in the form of various seminars – we support you on-site or even warmly welcome you on our premises in Schalkau. Contact our service team for more information!

Seminar overview


In the near future, spare parts will be permanently available to you. Please provide the following data with a spare parts inquiry:

  • Machine designation
  • Serial number
  • Order number
  • Item number of the spare part


You want to have parts from your production balanced or you need support in carrying out tests? In our factory in the south of Thuringia, we offer you this possibility. If we do not have a suitable balancing machine available in our factory, we will be happy to forward you to customers that have the corresponding machines and capacities.