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TIRA GmbH - The Company

TIRA sets new trends with complete systems for industry and research. System technology from one hand for persistently enhanced safety and quality, competitive leads and image.

The today's focus of TIRA comprises technical applications for measuring and testing. TIRA is specialised in the field of user-oriented projects, manufacture, and development of Vibration testing, Material testing and Balancing systems which are nowadays the three mainstays of the traditional enterprise.

By establishing the three special TIRA fields and extending the own mechanical production centre, a business structure being second to none in industry was realised which offers optimal possibilities and benefits to the users world-wide: complete solutions from TIRA company.

Internationally renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers, rolling-stock builders, manufacturers of aviation and aerospace equipment, research facilities and institutes, test centres etc. actually gain benefits from TIRA and products of TIRA Group.

Our product lines TIRAvib, TIRAtest, and TIRAbalance are developed in permanent interaction with users of manifold industries. The successful symbiosis of conventional technology with conscientious research and development lays the groundwork for healthy growth of our company.

Investments, technology transfer and international co-operation relationships are efficiently used to improve competencies and TIRA location sites. As globally committed company and know-how supplier, TIRA contributes to the development of future-oriented products and intelligent production technologies as well as to the establishment and extension of economic structures.

Quality management and certification

ISO9001 Certification

For the best coordination of our processes and resources with the requirements of our customers, we have established a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001. With its introduction we make sure, that our processes and procedures are tested and optimized continuously with the goal of a constant improvement of the quality for our customers.

TIRA GmbH has the newest certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (PDF)

Regular quality audits according to this standard are the basis for our Quality Management System. 

Development and production at TIRA GmbH (German audio)