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TIRA GmbH – company history

The TIRA GmbH is a company of testing- and measuring technology with a high innovation potential for very complex, customer-specific requirements.

The company was formed in 1947 as „Thüringer Industriewerk Rauenstein“ and renamed in 1990 to „TIRA Maschinenbau GmbH“. In its more than 50 years history TIRA can refer to several thousand machines and systems for a wide variety of sectors. Innovative developments in the industry are not possible without powerful measurement and testing technology. In 1998 by the construction of a new company building TIRA stayed abreast of these changes. The company is headquartered in Schalkau, in the „green heart“ of Germany.

Following you can find some past events in the company’s history:


  • Construction of a new warehouse to expand our capacities
  • Delivery of our second 300 kN vibration test system to the SGS test laboratory in Geretswied, Germany
New warehouse TIRA GmbH
New warehouse TIRA GmbH
New warehouse TIRA GmbH
300 kn shaker - collection at TIRA
300 kn shaker - commissioning at SGS


Development and construction of a new 3D shaker system in cooperation with the company Kokusai

New 3D-shaker-system with 3x 35 kN shakers


  • February 2016
    Expansion of our welding shop by two further units

  • November 2016
    Investment in another CNC machining centre
New welding unit TIRA GmbH
New CNC machining center


  • May 2015
    MBO/MBI at TIRA GmbH. Newly founded TIRA Holding GmbH takes over 100% of the shares of TIRA GmbH.

  • November 2015
    Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow visits TIRA GmbH in Schalkau.
Shareholder of TIRA GmbH
Arrival of the prime minister
Greeting of the prime minister Bodo Ramelow
Prime minister Bodo Ramelow


Starting the production of the water-cooled vibration exciter (shaker) with 300 kN sine force.

Shaker / vibration exciter with sine force of 300 kN and slip table


  • July 2012
    Commissioning of a new CNC-machine
  • August 2012
    Commissioning of a new laser cutting-off machine
  • October 2012
    Special copper welding of our shaker bodies


  • June 2010
    Visit of Thuringian state parliament premier Birgit Diezel 


  • 13.06.2008
    Visit of Thuringian Premier Dieter Althaus



  • Continuation of service department of former „TIRA WPM Leipzig GmbH“ by „TIRA Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH“ in Schalkau
  • Increase of common stock (according to ownership of shareholders) to 1 million euro
  • Further acquisition of shares by Angelantoni Industrie S.p.A. to 96.3 %
  • 07.03.2007
    Visit of state parliament member Dagmar Schipanski



  • Sale of subsidiary in Leipzig,  „TIRA WPM Leipzig GmbH“, and integration of the material testing department into the TIRA company
  • Cooperation with the school „Goethe Schule Schalkau“
  • Appointment of managing director Josef Weber


  • Formation of Board of Directors


  • Majoritarian acquisition of company share by Angelantoni Industrie S.p.A. to 50.1 %


  • Acquisition of „Angelantoni Industrie – ACS Vertrieb und Service GmbH“ Ballingenand shifting the business operations to Schalkau as well as renaming to „TIRA ACS Umweltsimulation GmbH“


  • Selective acquisition of the company „Werkstoffprüfmaschinen Leipzig“ 
  • Start of the cooperation with the Italian Angelantoni group


  • Big move of TIRA facility from Rauenstein to the nearby town Schalkau


  • It could be startet to develop a professional world-wide sale


  • Privatisation and restart in reunited Germany


  • Creation of a wave soldering bath
  • Rationalisation of production
  • Net production increased to 110% in comparison to previous year
  • Succcesfully applied for 5 patents


  • The production of vibration test systems has started


  • The first products of the company were exported to USSR e.g. decimal scales, kitchen scales


  • Formation as „Thüringer Industriewerk Rauenstein“ Production of metal products, wood products and concrete


  • 11. April 1945
    The village Rauenstein was occupied by the american army (they destroyed all company documents) All valuable goods were taken away to USA
  • 10. Juni 1945
    Comrade Otto Sollmann handed over the key of the company to establish a peacetime production
  • 3. Juli 1945
    Beginning of the Soviet occupation