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GREEN invest - Promoting energy efficiency in enterprises

As part of the "GREEN invest" investment program, TIRA GmbH recently received comprehensive and qualified energy consulting services from IfE - Ingenieurbüro für Energiewirtschaft Dr.-Ing. Dirk Schramm GmbH. This included the...more »

Second 300 kN shaker delivered

to the company SGS in Geretsried, Germanymore »

TIRA builds new warehouse and picking hall

In order to create new production areas in our assembly hall, the construction of a new warehouse and picking hall will approximately begin in the middle of 2019. The new hall will create a further 400 m² of storage space and...more »

New 3D-Shaker-System

by TIRA in cooperation with Kokusaimore »

Development of a lightweight-headexpander and an intelligent energy control for vibration exciter

Meeting the growing requirements of the industry, both for efficiency and energy saving of our vibration exciters, a lightweight-headexpander and an intelligent energy control „GREENLine“ is developed within the scope of a...more »

TIRA in 80 seconds

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We appreciate to welcome you on our new homepage and would like to use this opportunity for an important Information. more »


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Balancing Technology - on-site- and in-house-seminars

Why training?The training of operating personnel of a balancing machine is an important step for an effective manufacturing of rotating bodies. For this reason we offer our customers on-site and in-house seminars. These can be...more »