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TIRA Remote Control

The TIRA Remote Control is a Hardware/Software combination for remotely controlling a vibration test system. The hardware interface is easily plugged into the PCI-Express slot of a PC.


  • up to 800 m distance
  • full gain control by mouse or numerical value
  • shows all errors of shaker, amplifier and cooling unit
  • monitoring of voltage/current level over time
  • support for all operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7
  • additional monitoring- and setting options on request, e.g. temperature monitoring, blower settings, power monitoring, field settings

Phase Control Unit

The phase control unit is used for combining multiple shakers and coordinating the thrust in magnitude and phase.


  • Multi shaker control of up to 6 shakers
  • Push-Pull and Push-Push configuration switch
  • Accurate control of LF and HF phase
  • High speed signal handling
  • Accurate control of error messages
  • Master gain and bypass configuration switch
  • LED front panel for magnitude and phase
  • Electronic master gain overload protection