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Variable control hardware and vibration control software

The computer-aided vibration control system meets all requirements for an advanced shaker control. It combines a highly-developed and powerful DSP hardware with a personal computer that is simple to operate. The system covers the entire test range with the modes of operation random, sine, shock and mixed-mode and offers a simple operation with an graphic user environment. Within the control system the PC carries out the test preparation, the indication of the test data and the very flexible report generation.

TIRA offers vibration control systems of different manufacturers with 4 to 32 simultaneous input channels, extensive signal analysing programs incl. Sine-, Transient-, and Modal analysis, acoustic analysis, signal generator. The vibration control systems offer a wide range of options for integration with conditioning cabinets and other test equipment. They allow monitoring and complete control of the test over network and even internet.

Jaguar Vibration System

The respective Vibration control software finds in the hardware platforms an ideal completion for comprehensive vibration tests. The controller achieves excellent measuring accuracy and an impressive realtime performance by using state of the art technology. The hardware platforms support the extensive functionality of the software, which includes simple sine or random tests over complex tests with random signal excitation, that is overlayed with a multiple sine signal, up to a load simulation in time interval. Of course all tests are accomplished according to the respective standards ISO, DIN, MIL and IEC.

Piezo-electric vibration accelerometers

Part of a complete vibration test system is besides the shaker and control system also a vibration accelerometer. These accelerometers are mostly of piezo-ceramic type. They are used as standard accelerometers for electro-dynamic shakers due to their excellent linearity at wide dynamic range and large frequency range. TIRA offers a wide variety for all types of application.