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Special power modules

  • Power modules BPS 1016-PG/1514-PG for single-grounded systems
  • Digital High power amplifier modules
  • Integration in our digital amplifier cabinets
  • Very high output power by using state-of-the-art MOSFET-power transistors in Mdmesh II technology
  • Module management with state-of-the-art multi-chip technology
  • It may be paralleled for increased current output (cascadable)


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Power module BPS 1016-PG (Sine output power 16 kVA)

Sine output powerRMS:105 V
Sine output currentRMS:150 A
Weight:436 kg
Dimensions WxHxD:482 x 132 x 630 mm

Power module BPS 1514-PG (Sine output power 22.5 kVA)

Sine output powerRMS:150 V
Sine output currentRMS:150 A
Weight:43 kg
Dimensions WxHxD:482 x 176 x 610