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TIRA K3000RO wheelset balancing machine for rail vehicles

TIRA K3000RO wheelset balancing machine for railway vehicles.

In the field of railroad balancing technology, TIRA was and is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter for the development, production and supply of balancing machines, both for wheelset balancing machine as well as for wheel disc balancing machines. Each machine is an ideally coordinated overall concept, based on customer conditions and wishes.

The new K3000RO has several special features. Despite its size, the machine can be transported by ISO container without any disassembly effort. At the same time, the protective concept offers maximum freedom for loading and saves space in the production line.

In addition to the normal balancing process, the machine performs radial and axial runout measurement fully automatically. Thanks to an automatically adapting measuring device, this is also possible for all track widths and wheel disc diameters without any retooling work.

By using an automatic loading aid, the highest possible process reliability and maximum user-friendliness are ensured, and all this with a cycle time of less than 5 minutes.