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TIRA - Transparency in Energy Efficiency

As a driving force for research and industry, we want to increase the transparency of the market for vibration testing systems.

Along with the performance of our systems, energy efficiency is a top priority for us. For maximum transparency, in future the total power consumption of our shakers will be specified during a continuous load according to the test profile of ISO 5344 with double armature mass as the DUT. This enables comparison with other systems on the market that claim to have ecologically efficient modes.

TIRA’s 125 kN Shaker TV 59412/AIT-480 is one of the first systems to comply with this detailed specification.

With a random force vector of 85% under continuous load with 45 gRMS, this shaker has an energy consumption of only 81.0 kVA - which means it uses approx. 20% less energy than comparable systems.
Data Sheet TV 59412/AIT-480 (125 kN System)

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