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TIRA WV30HA self-fitting vertical balancing machine

TIRA WV30HA Fully Automated Vertical Balancing Machine

In the field of industrial balancing technology, vertical balancing machines from TIRA offer a wide range of balancing methods as well as the option of partial or full automation. Thus, the appropriate machine concept can be realized individually for each customer and component.

The WV30HA vertical balancing machine was specially developed for fully automated use in production cells. This is made possible by a fully automated setup process, a specially developed suction device and a fully automatic drilling and deburring process. The result is a new level of flexibility and process reliability in the field of vertical balancing technology. This advantage is made possible by the development of an innovative clamping tool that clamps different component diameters while maintaining centering accuracy. This allows the setup process to be fully automated, guaranteeing error-free and flexible production adjustment.

The in-house TIRA X 9000WIN measuring software offers all the necessary functions to compensate even complicated rotationally asymmetrical components without any problems by radial drilling. In addition, in order to completely eliminate high imbalances even in geometrically demanding rotors, several drilling planes can be machined by using servo-electric slides. This significantly reduces the reject rate compared to conventional processes.